Premises Liability

Premises Liability

The Garcia Law Firm

Operating a building is a business for a landlord just like operating a store is a business for a store owner. Businesses such as these have a responsibility to the community at large to conduct their business in a safe and responsible manner. Their failure to be safe can be a cause of very serious accidents.

The Garcia Law Firm, P.C. represents victims of unsafe landlords and business owners. We represent victims of personal injuries in cases involving:

• Lead Poisoning Of Children In Old Buildings
• Uneven & Broken Sidewalks
• Wheelchair Ramps Without Handrails
• Poorly Designed Wheelchair Ramps
• Broken Steps
• Improperly Designated Or Labeled Steps
• Wet Or Slippery Steps
• Wet Or Slippery Floors
• Detached Tile
• Single Or Multiple Steps Without Handrails
• Patios With Missing Mortar
• Floor Mats Not Laying Flat
• Uneven Elevator To Floor Ratio
• Holes In The Street
• Awkwardly Placed Steps
• Steps that are difficult to see because they are carpeted the same as surrounding floors.
• Premises Rape Or Violence
• Other cases where someone is injured in a premises or building.

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